The age of visualization is born with the LA6

LA6 is the Signal Tower with infinite possibilities.

An Innovative Display Style An Innovative Display Style

The LA6 can be used like a traditional signal tower until now, thanks to advanced technology, it can more precisely display status or process with a variety of colors and sounds.

External control programs are not needed because a CPU is embedded in the main unit.

Functions, such as “Time,” “Residual Quantity,” and “Level Meter” are enabled by combining up to 21 colors, three operational modes, and 11 sounds.

Thus, "Cycle Time" and "Downtime" can be displayed in the production site without the need for large-scale capital investments.

Innovation in the LA6 technology can be used to solve problems in our most challenging applications.

From this Signal TowerFrom this

Up until now, the signal towers only display the status condition of the equipment, and have not extended beyond those features.


To this Signal TowerTo this

In real time, status conditions (such as task progression, remaining material quantity, etc.) can become visible. Priority to maintain equipment can be recognized by the real time status conditions, which can ease the operator's responsibility. Moreover, monitoring sensors by displaying gradiant bars from the equipment can allow prompt action when necessary.

TieredSignal Tower

Color Maximum: 5 Colors
Setting Fixed Settings
Sound 2 Sounds

Signal TowerLA6

Color Maximum: 21 Colors
Settings Free Settings
Sounds 11 Sounds