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Logiciel de configuration du système WD
Logiciel de configuration du système WD
Logiciel pour initialiser et configurer le système WD
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Caractéristiques du produit

The WDS-WIN01, free setup software, makes it easy to install and configure the WD series in your facility.
A license is required for premium features such as the CSV data collection function.

Data Acquisition

  • Enables users to acquire equipment data in real-time from remote locations.

  • WDS-WIN01

    Setting Functions

  • Initialize and configure the WD PRO and WD-Z2 series devices.

  • Setup and manage wireless channels between transmitters and receivers.

  • Configure serial communication devices connected to the WD PRO series, as well as manage group IDs.
    [Connected serial devices can transmit up to 60 Bytes of data.]

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